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Introduce customers to a new product which they otherwise may not have found Establish and raise brand awareness by sampling and educating on the health benefits of Meadow & Marrow Aid in driving sales and demand by seeing the effects sampling has on product sales versus introducing a product with only print materials


A great ‘starter flavour’. This really showcases the unique non-meaty taste & is quite often compared to a chicken broth

Our most popular & versatile sku as it can be enjoyed plain or DIY flavour. This is also the base for our other six flavours, however care should be taken when sampling as it’s not meant to be consumed as a complete flavour but instead show consistency, versatility etc.

Has functional ingredients which people are not only familiar with but understand the health benefits of (Lemon, Ginger, Apple Cider Vinegar & Turmeric)


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*Offer other flavours for sample only if they are a SERIOUS buyer. As we know with sampling events you can get ‘tyre kickers’ who want to try everything without any interest in purchasing.

Preparation – Fill a kettle or hot water urn with filtered water and then keep it as close to 65 degrees celsius as possible.

Sampling – Fill small tasting cup with approx. 30ml of 65 degree celcius hot water from urn/kettle. Then scoop out half a gelato tasting spoon of concentrate from jar and stir into water. Once thoroughly mixed in, ensure the temperature is not too hot & serve. We use this process of preparing each serve in front of the customer instead of pre-mixing a bulk amount in an urn to show the customer just how convenient the product is to use. This also allows an opportunity to highlight it’s unique texture & discuss with the customer how unlike its competitors, it actually has nutrients you can see.

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