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Qi Gong



Classes will commence Monday 8th May for an 8 week term.

Class Times:

Wednesday 9am-10am

Class is available online and in-person at the new Movement Zone Studios on Etty Street, Castlemaine (the old High School).

Tuition is paid per term. Term 2 is an 8 week term

In-person: $144  ENROL

Online: $100    ENROL

In-person + Access to Recordings/Online: $194   ENROL

**Fees only valid for Term 2, if you miss a class you can attend a second class in the next week, but missed classes will not be carried over into the next term. Recordings only available for the length of the term**

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese moving meditation practice. Shamans and Chinese Medical doctors have developed Qi Gong over 5000 years into the practice that it is today.

Qi Gong is Chinese for Energy Work or expert use of your energy. During practice we clear stress, stagnation and tension from the body, regulate our nervous systems and fill up on peace and vitality.

I am a certified Holden Qi Gong Instructor. Lee Holden has been a qi gong instructor for over 20 years and has developed his own style that is more suited to westerners.

I have been learning Qi Gong from Lee Holden for the past 7 years, but recently decided to undertake the Teacher Training to help me commit to a daily practice. Along the way I discovered what a joy it is to share and practice qi gong with others.

I am so grateful for this practice of qi gong. It has helped me to re-regulate my nervous system, become more positive and more energetic.

Please come along for a free class and see if you like it.

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