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Cancelled Due To Covid

Due to the on-going unpredictable nature of these times during Covid, I have regrettably cancelled the course for this year. The course will run in 2022 instead. Please feel free to email me at: johannah@iyashi.com.au to express interest for next years course or other smaller one day or online training offerings I might organise for this year.

The Complement Channels

A Sacred Circle Experience

The Jade Purity School of Daoism stretches back 88 generations, right back to the beginning, right back into the source of our medicine- Daoism. Acupuncture is a spiritual practice, a practice that helps us heal the spirit.

The intention of this course is to help us connect back to the roots of this lineage, to connect back into ourselves, our own inner wisdom and each other. To manifest these intentions, the course will be facilitated through in-person Sacred Circle.

If Covid happens to restrict us gathering in-person the course will move online via Zoom, but still held in sacred circle.

Sacred Circle creates a sacred container where we come together as equals to learn, grow and share.



If Covid Restrictions mean we can’t meet in person for a Workshop, I will refund 100% cost of that workshop back to you. If you are on a payment plan a fifth the total cost of that plan will be deducted from the total. All workshops apart from the Pulse workshop will be transferred online and partial refund will be given.

Seminar Dates & Topics

(Running Over 9 months: Mar-Nov)
Classical Pulse Taking

Date: Saturday 6th Mar – Sunday 7th Mar
Time: 8.45am-5.30pm
Venue: Buda Historic House & Garden -42 Hunter Street, Castlemaine

Pulse-taking in this lineage is like nothing that you’ve encountered before.
Learn how to:

  • feel and interpret the pulses at Wei, Ying and Yuan level
  • use directional pulses to assess the interplay of Zang-Fu in the generation of resources
  • Learn to distinguish the 32 pulse textures.
  • Learn to feel hidden pulses.

Date: Saturday  May 1st – Sunday 2nd May
Time: 8.45am-5pm
Venue: Buda Historic House & Garden -42 Hunter Street, Castlemaine

The Sinews are the route by which we receive and reject information and experience in the world. Injury in the sinews affects our muscle-skeletal being, but often can also show us where we might be stuck in life.

Over the weekend we will explore the sinews, how they are key in our immunity, self expression and defence of the exterior.
  • Learn how to diagnose the sinew via movement analysis, location of the pain and the from the pulse.
  • Learn the Sinews Pulse Map
  • Treatment methods, protocols and needle technique.

Date: Saturday 31st July – Sunday 1st Aug
Time: 8.45am-5pm
Venue: Buda Historic House & Garden -42 Hunter Street, Castlemaine

The Divergents are the land of auto-immune disease and the creation of latency for pathology. The Divergents become engaged when we are in resistance to our environment or unable to accept change in our exterior world.

  • Learn how to diagnose using the Divergent lens.
  • Treatment Protocols including gua sha and specific needle technique.
  • Become familiar with the idea of healing crises and how to help your client through them.
  • Learn how to find hidden Divergent pulses.
Luo Networks

Dates: Saturday 25h Sep – Sunday 26th Sep
Time: 8.45am-5pm
Venue: Buda Historic House & Garden -42 Hunter Street, Castlemaine

Learn how the Luo system protects the Zang-Fu, providing a detailed map of trauma, unresolved emotional obstacles and Blood stagnation.
Learn how to:

  • diagnose the relevant Luo, based on verbal cues
  • safely and respectfully invite release and resolution of stagnation and obstacles
8 Extraordinary Vessels

Date: Saturday 20th Nov -Sunday 21st Nov
Time: 8.45am-5pm
Venue: Buda Historic House & Garden -42 Hunter Street, Castlemaine

In the 8-Extras topic, we learn the theory of Yuan Qi, congenital and epigenetic issues, long-term emotional patterning, ancestral trauma and issues of life purpose and personal history.
You will learn:

  • How and why to access the Yuan level in your patient
  • Safely working in the Yuan level, helping patients adjust to change
  • Yuan-level pulses treatment protocols and specific needle technique

“We hope you will enjoy getting to know your local community of like-minded practitioners, joining together in a supportive and non-judgemental space!”

About the Teacher

Johannah Ashley

Johannah Ashley started practising in 2002, she has completed two Bachelor qualifications in both Acupuncture and Herbs. Johannah owns and runs her own practice in Castlemaine.

Four years ago Johannah started down the rabbit hole of study with Ann Cecil-Sterman at the Sinews seminar and since has visited New York twice to study with Ann, completed online study with Sean Tuten and helped organise Sean’s recent trip to Australia to teach. Johannah has now completed learning in all of the Complement Channels, Primary Channels and Classical approach to Fertility and Obstetrics.

Johannah is the first practitioner in Australia to solely practice in this tradition and she feels passionately about supporting other practitioners to build confidence and learning within this rich lineage.


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