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Divergents Seminar

Learn how to treat Auto-immune Disease

The Divergent Channels are often called the ‘auto-immune channels’ as they are very useful for treating chronic degenerative conditions.

Are you like me and heard mention of these Divergent channels at Uni, maybe even learnt their pathways, but then that was it?!

No mention of what they are about, why you would use them or how to treat them?

Well this was definitely me!

 These channels, however, are simply amazing! I want you to know about them, and how you can use them to create incredible change for your patients.

Since beginning my journey of learning the Complement Channels from Ann Cecil-Sterman who is the leader of the 89th Generation of the Jade Purity School of Daoism, my ability to effectively treat many chronic, degenerative and auto-immune conditions has sky rocketed!

We will cover the theory, pathways, treatment protocols and needling techniques needed to bring these channels into your practice safely and powerfully.

Much demonstration of treatment will be part of the seminar to get a feel for how you assess, diagnose and treat the Divergent channels.


When: June 18 and 19
Where: Australian Shiatsu College, 105 Evans Rd, Brunswick
Cost: Practitioner $650 / Student $599

Mon & Tues 9-6pm | Wed 11am-8pmThurs & Fri 9-6pm

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